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Frequent Ask Massage Questions

Here are some faq's to get answered beforehand to get a massage with the Chinese Traditional Massages  

Self-care BEFORE the massage:

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Q: What massage style should I request?

A: If you’re not sure about what massage style to receive, please read about it on our website to decide the best option. If you’re still unsure, discuss your needs and concerns with the massage therapist to make a better informed decision.

Q: Should I eat before the massage?

A: Avoid having a massage on a full stomach. It is best to have a light meal about one to two hours before the session. However, you know your body best, so don’t go hungry to avoid the possibility of feeling lightheaded.

Q: When should I arrive to my scheduled appointment?

A: It is best to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment to make sure that you’re punctual. This also gives you a chance to breathe and relax before your session. In addition, arriving early also avoids the unnecessary stress of running late. After all, you’ve come to the massage session to help you relax.

Q: How else can I prepare before my massage?

A: If it’s possible, a warm shower will help relax your muscles and your mind.

Q: I’m not feeling well, but I have an appointment coming up today (or in the next few days), what should I do?

A: We all get sick sometimes. Please remember if you’re not feeling well, then the best policy is to reschedule the massage appointment and stay home. This is true even if you’re not experiencing a full blown cold or flu, but just the beginnings of “feeling run down.” Staying home helps to make sure that you get the rest you need to feel better and that our massage therapists and other clients stay healthy as well. Also, if you need medical attention, then please see a medical professional.

Q: Do I need to remove all of my clothes for the massage session?

A: That’s entirely up to you and your comfort level. However, keep in mind that if you’re having your back worked on by the massage therapist, then it might be somewhat difficult for them if you have a shirt on. Please discuss any concerns with your massage therapist and if you need to, use an extra towel to cover certain parts of your body.

Q: What else should I keep in mind before receiving a massage?

A: Avoid using perfume or aftershave as some people, including massage therapists, are allergic to the scent.

Self-care DURING the massage:

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Q: What should I do during the massage session?

A: Relax, breathe and be honest about your pain levels. This helps our professional massage therapist to customize the massage session. Also, let the massage therapist know what part of your body you want more focus on and where you prefer less. If something doesn’t feel good, just say so, the massage is for you.

Also, be respectful and stay away from any disrespectful jokes or comments with sexual overtones. After all, the massage therapist is a human being, so treat them like you want to be treated.

Lastly, you don’t have to keep up a conversation with the massage therapist, it’s alright to say something along the lines of: “I appreciate your hard work, but right now, I’d like to relax in silence. Thank you.” Speak up to stay comfortable.

Q: What should I avoid during the massage session?

A: Please avoid any distractions. Turn off your phone or any other electronic devices and just enjoy the massage.

Q: What else should I keep in mind?

A: A massage can relax the digestion system. As a result you may hear your stomach making noises and you may even pass gas. This is common, and nothing to be concerned about. Things that may help include using the washroom before a massage and staying away from foods that are high in fiber.

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Self-care AFTER the massage:

Q: How much water do I need to drink after the massage?

A: We always suggest that a client drinks plenty of water after receiving a massage. In fact, drink plenty of water even several days after the massage to keep your body hydrated. The general rule is drinking eight glasses of eight-ounce of water daily. However, the specific amount depends on your weight. So the exact amount of water you drink is up to you. Listen to your body, if after having some water you still feel thirsty, it might be a good idea to drink more water.

Q: I’m finished with my massage, but I’m feeling lightheaded/dizzy, what should I do?

A: Sometimes after a session, clients feel lightheaded. If that’s the case, then please let us know that you’re dizzy and you can rest at the spa until the feeling passes. It’s best not to drive until you feel ready to do so. We care about your safety and well-being.

Q: Is there anything that I need to avoid after my massage session?:

A: It is best not to exercise after a massage. Since your muscles are already relaxed, an exercise session right after a massage may strain them. The more intense the massage style, the more time the body needs to relax. Typically twelve to twenty-four hours are needed for the body to rejuvenate after a deep muscle massage.

Also, stay away from coffee as it can tighten the muscles.

Q: How often should you get a Chinese massage to take advantage of its benefits?

A: Massage can be considered as part of your long term well-being. To keep receiving the massage related benefits, it’s recommended to have a massage session once a month or every six weeks. Additionally, it’s good to keep in mind that sometimes an hour of massage doesn’t cover the whole body, depending on your individual needs, it may just focus on certain areas.

Q: How much should I tip the massage therapist?

A: After providing massage therapy for your body for an hour (or longer) the massage therapist worked hard to make you feel better. You can show your appreciation by tipping them. The customary tip is 10 to 20% of the massage therapy cost. Trust me, they’ll really appreciate it.

Note: The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have.

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