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    Tui-Na Massage

    Tui-Na Deep Tissue Massage A deep Chinese tissue massage to relieve severe painful tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. This type of massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. Tui Na tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity (such as athletes, Sport Massage), and patients who have sustained physical injury.Book now!
    $50 for 30 minutes
    $70 for 60 minutes
    $100 for 90 minutes

    Head Massage

    Chinese Acupressure Head Massage This treatment is one of the most efficient and safest methods to optimize the relief of pain and discomfort of headaches, nervous disorders and other health problems through massage of the acupressure points of the head. Popular for thousands of years throughout Chinese history, Chinese emperors and their entourage actively used head massage therapy to reduce stress, normalize sleeping patterns and strengthen the nervous system.

    When you have a headache, you do want to as quickly as possible get rid of discomfort. The usually known and used methods are pain pills, patches or ointments. But most of the traditional methods only temporarily eliminate the pain. So headache comes bakc again with bad mood, apathy? It is not necessary to eat pills! You can try acupressure head massage! Book now!
    $50 for 30 Minutes


    THAI MASSAGE Yoga Thai massage is an ancient form of healing that combines the concepts of yoga and Chinese energetic practices. About 2,500 years ago, Buddhism spread from India to Thailand. Along with this increasingly popular spiritual practice came a form of healing that had taken root in the community of Buddhists. When these new ideas reached the shores of Thailand, they mixed with the Chinese concept of the energetic body that was already being practiced. Combined, they have evolved to what is currently known as Ancient Thai Massage. Book now!
    $80 for 60 minutes
    $120 for 90 minutes

    Other Services & Prices


    Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapeutic method of localized healing. The application of Cupping is very simple but its effects are dramatic. The process involves placing several glass "cups" (open spheres) on the body. Once in place, a match is lit and placed inside the cup and removed before placing the cup against the skin. As the air in the cup is heated, it expands, and once placed on the skin, the cup cools - creating lower pressure inside the cup that allows the cup to stick to the skin through suction. When combined with massage oil, the cups can be slid around the back, offering "reverse-pressure massage. Free with any 60min massage


    HERBAL STAMP This Traditional Asian massage involves stamps are filled with specific herbs and spices based specifically on the client?s needs and then heated in a base-oil between 60-85 C. With a special technique, the energy lines of the body are massaged with the stamps. The heat of the oil not only opens up the body, but also releases the herbal "oils" to be absorbed into the body for the desired relaxation. Most clients notice a smoother, clearer change in the condition of their skin within 1-2 days post-therapy. Free with any 60min massage


    Reflexology, or zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. Studies have shown that our feet represent our body map. They carry the reflex points that corresponds to most organs in the body. By applying pressure on the specific reflex points could send a message to the brain to release certain hormones needed for the organs to improve their functionality and energy. Book now!
    $50 for 30 minutes
    $70 for 60 minutes
    $100 for 90 minutes

    About The Therapy

    We offer award winning massage services, which are unique and stand out to any massage you’ve had before. There’s simply nothing that compares to a massage that is based on a blend of Chinese traditional medicine. Experience the Chinese ancient traditions that are a secret to good health and will help to achieve a mind and body balance, which is so often missing in our hectic lives. You don’t have to travel far for an absolutely amazing and affordable experience, it is right here in the area, provided by our professionally trained masseuse. Our staff specializes in Deep tissue (Tui-Na), Thai massage, cupping and our other high quality services. It will exceed your expectations and rejuvenate your senses.

    Not quite sure if a full body massage is for you? Then come in for our special head massage that eases tension and stress. After that incredible massage session, we’re sure you’ll be back to experience more of our massage services. The Chinese culture has practiced the prophylactic health aspects of Chinese best massage therapies on a budget for over 5,000 years and passed down the knowledge and techniques for generations; however, many people do not experience the true benefits of ancient Chinese therapy or understand what kind of relief they should be experiencing.

    Our Chinese Massage techniques are a uniquely based on the theory of Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM), and are developed specifically to provide relaxation through our Chinese "Tui Na,Deep Muscle Therapy, Head Massage, and Reflexology methods we offer. These treatments have not just a physical effect but an emotional as well as our clients tells us about their experiences with our massages.

    Our certified and professional top massage therapists with over 10 years of experiences are highly learned in the ancient Asian Chinese Tui-Na methods and are using original authentic massage techniques, and we provide top quality massage services and methods in a relaxed, clean and comfortable environment.

    If you....

    • Feel bad - Get a Massage
    • Back Pain - Get a Tui-Na Massage
    • Feel Stiff anywhere - Get a Thai Massage
    • Headache - Get a Tui-Na Head Massage
    • Immune System - Get any Massage with Chinese cupping
    • Any extremity issues - Get a Thai or Tui-Na Massage
    • Internal organs - Get a Body/Reflexology Massage
    • Depression - Get a any Massage
    • Miserable and Cold - Get a Massage with hot salt
    • Any other issue - Get a Massage


    You can find us also on: Local Massage

    A deep Chinese tissue massage to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. This type of massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. Tui Na tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity (such as athletes, Sport Massage), and patients who have sustained physical injury.
    I am absolutely blown away by the quality of service in this place. First off, it is spotless and very cozy. Summer is the best massage therapist I have been to. I booked a 2 hour appointment and walked out of there feeling super relaxed! Summer did a head massage, foot massage, full body massage, and cupping therapy. She is an amazing professional, knows exactly where to focus on, and found all the pesky knots that were causing me discomfort. It is hands down the best experience I have ever had, and I will be back on a monthly basis. I haven't had a headache since, and my back still feels good a week later. I drove 30 miles to this place and will make the drive again.
    Tui-Na Deep Tissue Massage
    Date published: 5/13/2016
    5 / 5 stars

    I am a huge massage enthusiast and travel extensively through Asia, including China and Thailand. I have been looking for a professional Tui Na and Thai massage for years that can compare to the therapists I routinely see in Asia. I luckily came across Chinese Traditional Massages in Schaumburg. They offer the best massage this side of Shanghai. Summer in particular is a very skilled masseuse. She is very intuitive and uses the appropriate technique to address the problems areas whether it be walking on the back, strong deep tissue manipulation with her hands or Thai stretching techniques. It is obvious she has extensive training and experience in several massage techniques. I have literally tried dozens of massage therapists over the past years and Summer is the best in the area and can hold her own among the best therapists I see in China. My days of looking for a masseuse in Chicagoland are over. When my massage is over I feel relieved of my aches and then after going home and sleeping through the night, I truly feel relaxed and rested when I wake up. To me this is the true measure of a great massage. Massage therapy is a part of my wellness regime and Summer is my go to massage therapist.
    Authentic Chinese Tui Na Massage
    Date published: 05/06/2016
    5 / 5 stars


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    推拿 : Tui Na

    Tui-Na (pronounced 'twee-nah') massage is a complete healing system, like acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. These three forms of therapy are the main components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

    Tui Na massage is one of the most popular forms of Chinese medical massages in the modern day world. It involves deep massage techniques that are applied over the whole body in many repetitions, especially the back. Tui Na medical massages are excellent for treating ailments such as chronic pains, musculoskeletal problems, sprains and strains, arthritis, problems of the digestive system, liver and the spleen

    Practiced for centuries, Tui-Na continues to grow in popularity. Tui-Na techniques and details of its successful uses in treating a range of health problems are documented in a vast treatise - The Yellow Emperor's Classics of Internal Medicine written about 2500 years ago. Tuina (tui na) is well suited for the treatment of specific musculoskeletal disorders and chronic stress-related disorders of the digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems.

    The benefits of Tui-Na or a Chinese Massage

    Anatomical problems will get corrected by Tui Na of both inner and outer surface areas by altering the energy level of the biological system and modifies the bio-information of the body

    Tui Na (occasionally called trauma therapy) breaks down scar tissue to relax muscles and tendons as well as allows for the path for the bloodstream and Qi to circulate in an appropriate way taking away blood stasis, not to mention most importantly, to accelerate the healing process

    Tui Na will help to get rid of many disorders from soft tissue injuries to a number of other types of issues which include:

    • Correct a Stiff neck and distension of shoulders
    • Helps with frozen shoulders
    • Reliefs sore backs and its pains
    • Aching muscles will be eliminated
    • Helps if you have diarrhoea
    • Constipation issues will be addressed
    • Energy will be restored with frequent sessions
    • Symptoms that are caused by stress or emotional problems, such as, insomnia, difficulty focusing, headache, tensions headaches
    • More motivation and well being will be restored

    What our specialized
    massages can do for you!

    Ancient 古

    The primary purpose of Chinese massage is to stimulate and rebalance the body's energy (qi). This typically involves a session that can last up to two (2) hours resulting in a very deep experience in your body tissues.

    Deriving from a range of massage techniques, Chinese massage is most closely linked to acupuncture because Chinese therapists are guided by the meridian system. You will find that most textbooks on Chinese massage list between 30 and 70 available techniques. These include deep, penetrating strokes and soft tissue manipulation methods. Some Chinese massage therapists will also include herbal medicine in treatment to assist with healing.

    What you can looking forward to!

    Elite Ancient Massage Techniques
    Ancient Chinese Techniques

    Traditions still practiced and perfected by our trained massage therapists.

    Ancient Cupping Health Techniques
    Traditional Chinese Cupping

    Great for weight loss and other issues

    Relaxating Chinese Massage
    Relaxation of the best kind!

    We make sure of it.

    Acupressure Body Charts
    With every massage we make sure of it! Ancient Charts for Pressure Points
    Chinese Salt Stamp
    Herbal Stamp

    Extremely beneficial for the immune system

    Ancient Massage Techniques in Chinese Texts

    Peaceful and serene experiences