Ancient Authentic Chinese Tui-Na!

Traditional Massages are very common in China, and many massage places provide massage services, but you have to find your jewel in the USA!

The different types of points in the body:

Tui na is a branch of Chinese medicine, which looks at the underlying causes of pain and illness as well as the symptoms. Because Tui na massage can be very relaxing, it is particularly useful to relieve anxiety and stress, promote relaxation and aid sleep. Like other forms of massage it can be used preventatively, to encourage the movement of Qi (vital energy) and Blood. Tui na can be used in conjunction with the other branches of traditional Chinese medicine such as Acupuncture.

Your entire treatment will be specifically designed to your own needs. As an example, one procedure might target a specific issue area such as back or muscle pain or stiff shoulders, while an additional might be employed as an all-over treatment. The therapist will use all kinds of therapeutic massage techniques including pressing, squeezing, kneading, pounding and pummelling to invigorate your acupoints to unblock your energy channels and help facilitate the flow of your chi. Knuckles, thumbs, and even elbows will be used, and there are many variations to oil-based massages. Tui Na professionals use the backs of their knuckles and hands similar to a rolling pin, which is believed to support and disperse the QI. Unlike various other massage techniques, all your limbs will be moved quite frequently.

Our Chinese Massage techniques are a uniquely based on the theory of Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM) and are developed specifically to provide relaxation through our Chinese "Tui Na, Deep Muscle Therapy, Head Massage, and Reflexology methods we offer. These treatments have not just a physical effect, but an emotional, as well as our clients, tell us about their experiences with our massages.

Our services:

  • Authentic Tui-Na (Deep Tissue version of Tui-Na)
  • Authentic Thai (Not for the faint if wanted the real thing)
  • Zhi Zha (we include this in the Tui-Na session if wanted)
  • Also if wanted we can do Swedish, Deep tissue sports massages, trénages, etc. we are flexible in what you want.

Chinese Authentic Tui-Na Massage Specialists in Schaumburg, IL...

Optional Addon Services:

  • Authentic Chinese Fire Cupping
  • Hot Oil Treatment
  • Authentic Chinese Hot Salt Treatment

Our addons for your authentic Tui-Na Massage Specialists in Schaumburg, IL...

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