Massage therapy for healthier, happier and more productive lives: decreasing stress through massage!

Traditional Massages are very common in China, and many massage places provide massage services, but you have to find your jewel in the USA!  

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“Stressed” and “busy,” have become often used words to describe our state of being. Such frequent use can desensitize us from the negative impacts of stress. Being dismissive of the adverse effects of stress can be harmful to our health.

How does stress affect us?

It can have an all-pervading effect on our bodies, our minds, and moods. This strain can translate into how we see the world and ourselves and how we live our lives.

What happens if we don’t manage our stress levels?

A variety of unpleasant outcomes can occur: from lost productivity to deterioration in our personal and professional relationships and even our self-perception and health. Often if stress manifests in one area, then it most likely will move on to the next, if it hasn’t already.

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Stress can negatively affect our bodies: it can decrease our immune system functioning, contribute to headaches, stomach pain, fatigue, and muscle tension. Our moods can be impacted as well with anxiety, sadness, anger, lack of motivation, insomnia, and restlessness. Besides, our behavior can change, such as an increase or decrease in eating habits, social isolation, and a rise in the use of tobacco or alcohol. These are just some of the examples that stress can have on our bodies and symptoms can vary from person to person.

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There are a variety of things that we can do to help alleviate these unwelcome symptoms from our lives. As many of us know, getting enough sleep, regular exercise and eating a balanced diet are all helpful. Also, meditation and learning coping techniques have been found to be beneficial for many people. In addition, there is another less mentioned, but effective technique, which is massage.

Why is massage so helpful in reducing stress and helping restore your sense of well-being?

There are several reasons that massage has a positive effect on combating stress. First of all the applying of hands, our bodies stimulate circulation in the body, which can improve immunity functioning of the body — secondly, the stretching and rubbing techniques of a massage therapist help in the body’s realignment. Also, at the end of the massage, the tension is released, leaving the person with a lighter and more relaxed feeling. Additionally, receiving a massage helps to change the focus of your thinking to a more relaxing place and enables you to get a sense of control over your body.

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As a result, when your body is relaxed, and you feel better, it will most likely lead to a more positive outlook. A massage may even help you increase your productivity because your mind and body are feeling better. When you feel better and can accomplish more if you want, you will also probably be happier.

If you’re not convinced already of the great benefits of a massage, then schedule a session with our traditionally trained and licensed massage therapists. Take notice on how you feel before, during and after a session. As it is often said, the best teacher is experience. The chances are that after the massage session, you’ll wonder how you could have ever gone without it.

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